Commercial and Corporate law

Due diligences

The term "due diligences" originates in Anglo-American law and is used nowadays as a rule to denote the review of a company as part of an acquisition of a company. Legal due diligence comprises all legal matters of the company to be acquired, whether as part of a share deal or asset deal. A due diligence review is performed by our team, using the services of the appropriate experts.

Corporate Law

The Company Law Code (UGB) governs the key areas of entrepreneurial activity. This includes the establishment of the business name and the protection of the latter, the transfer of a company and the related liability of the acquirer, the executive authority or general authority to act, potential forms of organisation, the bookkeeping and accounting system, and the special provisions for company-related transactions (purchase of goods, commission transactions, freight forwarding, warehousing and freight transactions) including all related issues such as notice of defects, the right of retention or the realisation of collaterals. We also represent companies in the closely related company register proceedings.