Antitrust and competition law

Competition Law

Competition Law serves to prevent excessive or unfair competition and is regulated in the Act against Unfair Competition (UWG), which offers protection against unfair, misleading and aggressive business practices. An incomplete imprint may present a breach of competition just like comparative advertisement or the denigration of another company.

Our experts provide advice not only in connection with the organisation and announcement games and competitions, which are subject to strict regulations, but will also provide information in regard to antitrust law and in the case of a breach of the ordre public. We will draft out-of-court warning letters for you or pursue your right to an injunction and damages against competitors and other businesses by legal recourse to the civil courts ("private enforcement"). We will advise you in matters relating to restraints of competition, imitation of the industrial work results and achievements of another person, in the case of an economic boycott, employee poaching or in a case of sales restraints, as well as in the event of misleading statements, bluff packaging, abuse of another person's marks or a breach of the provisions on add-ons.