Construction and real estate law

Law relating to tenancy, leases and condominium

Rental Law
In simple terms, 'Rental Law' governs the authorised use for consideration of specific movable or immovable goods by a third party.
Owing to the extremely dynamic legal developments in the field of tenancy, failure to comply with new statutory provisions or the existing complex case-law may entail severely adverse consequences. Often statutory requirements for temporally limited tenancy agreements are not observed.
We provide advice in all tenancy-related issues (Austrian Civil Code [ABGB], Tenancy Law Act [MRG] or Condominium Act [WEG]), prepare tenancy contracts for you (residential tenancy, commercial leases, floor space rental), represent our clients in proceedings before dispute settlement bodies and in courts (review of the amount of rent or operating expenses, investment compensation, maintenance) and provide assistance in the termination and clearing of the rental object.

Lease Law
A contract for lease means that an existing object, unlike in the case of a tenancy agreement, can be used only through work and effort.
Lease law plays an important role in the field of operating businesses of third parties and the lease of agricultural and forest land. The delimitation of corporate lease and rental of business premises often poses considerable problems. We propose to draft your lease contracts, provide advice and legal assistance in connection with the sale or transfer of a leased business and in connection with the termination or cancellation of lease contracts.

Condominium is a special form of joint ownership, which represents the exclusive right to use and dispose of a residential apartment.
We are also at your service as contract drafters when establishing a condominium (in an existing building or a new building) as well as in matters of administration and determining the usage value of the real estate and any use regulations. We will also represent you in contentious or ex parte proceedings in court if disputes arise between co-owners or issues in connection with resolutions of the condominium association (regular/exceptional administrative matters).