Contract law

All our lawyers have broad knowledge and relevant experience in the drafting of contracts in their fields of expertise. In preparing and drafting contracts, we pay particular attention to creating appropriate legal certainty and preventing legal disputes and undesired liabilities by clear wording. When drafting contracts, all national statutory provisions are taken into account, as well as European standards to the extent that they are relevant in the respective legal field. International training and/or experience of our lawyers ensures comprehensive legal consulting services.

General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions form the basis of entrepreneurial activities. They serve to facilitate and standardise business processes, to secure and improve legal positions and to prevent disputes. This in turn requires, on the one hand, that the general terms and conditions apply to the legal relations with the contracting partners and, on the other hand, that they comply in their material scope statutory requirements, such as consumer protection. In this connection, we offer the following services: reviewing and revision of existing terms and conditions; drafting of new, individualised terms and conditions; introduction or training of staff, etc.

Contracts for sale and donations

Our experts undertake to comprehensively process such complex contracts, including multilateral trusts and the handling of all issues relating to administrative charges and taxes. Implementation of real estate contracts under the Trust Statutes of the Salzburg Bar Association provides insurance cover for the parties, builds confidence and is a matter of course for us.

Licence agreements

A licence is the legal basis for the permission — as a rule against payment of a licence fee — to make use of intellectual property. Such licence agreements are often concluded in regard to patents, utility models, trademarks, copyrighted works or software. The licence agreement may grant exclusive or non-exclusive rights, may restrict its scope of application geographically or temporally and define the market segment or market region for which the licence applies. Our experts advise and support you in preparing contracts, drafting know-how or support agreements, recording non-disclosure agreements and formulating agreement on contractual penalties. In the event of contract breaches, we will enforce your rights out of court and in the civil courts.

Contracts for work

A contract for work obliges the contractor to complete the specified work in accordance with the specifications of the client either in person or by an authorised subcontractor. In practice, numerous types of contracts for work have evolved, such as consulting contracts, construction contracts, subcontractor contracts, architect contracts, project contracts, repair contracts and research and development contracts.
When preparing such contracts we naturally do not restrict ourselves to merely pointing out problems or obstacles, but also develop solutions that legally ensure the results you want to obtain.

Distribution contracts

Distribution contracts comprise all contracts concluded for the purpose of marketing and selling a product or service. We can develop a suitable distribution contract to specifically meet the needs of your strategy in consultation with you. Franchising does not consist of merely offering a certain product and/or service; instead, the franchisor offers an entire business concept to the franchisee.

Insurance contracts

Insurance law takes a significant place in our daily lives. The complex product “Insurance contract” can hold many unpleasant legal problems in the case of an insurance claim. The question whether, or to what extent, the insurer is required to make a payment can lead quickly to a time consuming debate with the insurance company. We therefore offer you extensive assistance with insurance claims both in and out of court.