Contract law

All attorneys-at-law dispose of a broad knowledge and corresponding experience in the composition of contracts in their legal fields. With the composition and formulation special attention is paid to establish an adequate legal security and to avoid legal disputes and undesired liabilities by clear formulations. With the composition of contracts all national legal regulations flow into the formulations, including European norms, if they are relevant for the respective legal field. The international education and/or experience of our attorneys facilitate a comprehensive legal processing.

General terms and conditions

The General Terms and Conditions (AGB) represent the basis of entrepreneur activities. They should serve primarily to simplify and standardise the business courses, to secure and improve the legal position and to prevent disputes. This, assumes that, on the one hand, the General Terms and Conditions become valid in relation to the business partners, and on the other hand that their contents withstands a control on the basis of legal terms, such as consumer protection. In this context we offer the following services: checking and revision of existing business conditions; concept of new, special, personalised terms and conditions; introduction i.e. training of employees, etc.

Sale and donation contracts

Our experts undertake the complete processing of such complex contracts, including undertaking multilateral trusteeships and handling related fee and tax issues. The processing of real estate contracts in the context of Trustee Articles of the Salzburg Bar also includes the legal insurance protection for the parties, creates trust and is taken for granted by us.

Licence agreements

The license is understood as the legal basis to dispose of intellectual property, as a rule against payment of a license fee. Scope of such license contracts are often patents, registered designs, trademarks, copyright protected works or software. The license contract can allows for simple or exclusive rights, limits the right in terms of time or territory and establishes the market segment or the market region in which the license can be used. Our experts counsel and support you with the contract formulation, formulation of know-how or support contracts, establishment of confidentiality clauses and agreements on conventional penalties. In case of contract violation we enforce your rights out of court or in civil proceedings.

Work contracts

A work contract obliges the contractor to perform the work according to client's (work orderer's) ideas, personally or through engaged subcontractors. In the practice numerous contracts for work have been developed, such as counselling contracts, building contracts, subcontractor contracts, architect contracts, project contracts, repair orders and research and development contracts. With the elaboration of such contracts we take it for granted not to limit our activity only to indication of problems or obstacles, but to elaborate solutions which can achieve the results desired by you and legally secured.

Distribution contracts

Distribution contracts include all contracts by which a product and/or a service are distributed. We will discuss with you personally which distribution contract can be applied to your strategy. With the franchising, the franchiser offers the franchisee not only a product and/or service, but a complete business concept.

Insurance contracts

The insurance law is very important in everyday life. The complex product "Insurance contract" hides, especially with the occurrence of the insurance case, comprehensive legal problems. The question if and to which extent the insurer has to make a payment, quickly develops into a timeconsuming dispute with the insurance company. Therefore we offer you a comprehensive support, both in court and out-of-court enforcement of insurance claims.

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