Labour Law

The labour law basically deals with all legal issues regarding every employment relation, whereas one must consider, besides the single work contract between the employer and the employee, also comprehensive labour law regulations. Especially for the individual work contract, besides the union law and the national laws and decrees, also collective agreements and company agreements are of essential importance.

The labour law can be divided into two fields, and this the collective labour law and the individual labour law.

The collective labour law or the labour constitutional law deals with intercorporate and corporate interests, whereas the most important type of collective regulations is the conclusion of collective agreements. Another important regulation content of the collective labour law is the possibility to establish a works council, whereby basically it is about participation in decisionmaking in the company and basic authorizations and tasks.

On the other hand, the individual labour law does not deal with the collective legal development, but regulates single legal conditions between the employer and the employee. This starts with the establishment of an employment relation up to its termination, via elaboration of the same, such as holiday, employer's and employee's general rights and duties, indemnity or termination agreement, employer's protection duties in case of mobbing or harassment of any kind, etc.

A further important labour law issue is the employee protection right which, inter alia, deals with the topics health protection and security on the workplace, but also with working time or groups who are especially worth being protected, such as adolescents or women.

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