Litigation and Arbitration

Commercial litigation

Similar to economic cycles, commercial processes touch upon a broad range of very diverse legal subjects. Therefore, commercial background knowledge and a good understanding of technical processes are equally essential to provide the best possible legal representation as thorough knowledge of the applicable rules of procedure.

Private enforcement

Private enforcement concerns the judicial enforcement of compensation claims by injured parties against members of a cartel.

Antitrust proceedings

However, antitrust proceedings not only affect the injured parties, but also the companies against whom antitrust proceedings have been initiated. Due to the leniency programme, usually parties involved in a cartel report existing antitrust activities to avoid the substantial fines. The Federal Competition Authority (Bundeswettbewerbsbehörde) subsequently carries out a search of the premises of the members of the cartel. We provide advice to injured parties, key witnesses and companies affected by searches in the course of summary administrative proceedings. As part of our antitrust compliance programme, we advise and review companies with the aim to avoid antitrust infringements and make recommendations as to the proper behaviour during a search of the premises.

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White-collar criminal proceedings

Competent legal representation in white-collar criminal proceedings have gained increasing significance owing to the more strict practice of administrative decisions and Case Law of criminal courts.  

We assist our clients both in connection with investigations, where a proactive approach of the legal representative is of crucial importance for averting consequences under Criminal Law, and in proceedings in the criminal courts.