Public Business law and European law

European Law

Since Austria's accession to the EU, European Law issues affect nearly all national legal terrains. Not only international matters need to be reviewed in regard to the application of European Law; due to the direct effect of regulations and the indirect effect of directives and their transposition into national law, European Law also always needs to be taken into account when assessing national issues. For this reason, our team's knowledge of current European Law provisions as well as of regulations, directives and recommendations of the European Commission is indispensable. We are also pleased to represent our clients in proceedings in the European Court of Justice and in all matters before the European Commission.

Data Protection Law

Not in the least due to manifold amendments, Data Protection Law has become a very complex legal subject and a real challenge for entrepreneurs. Our experts will inform you about your rights and obligations in connection with the Data Protection Act (DSG), in regard to video surveillance systems, unsolicited direct mailing and data retention. We provide advice regarding the right to information and revocation, and in the case of infringements, we will enforce your rights and claims in the courts. We can provide assistance in the drafting of non-disclosure agreements, consents, service agreements and data protection clauses in general terms and conditions (AGB) as well as for compliance with your notification obligations regarding the Data Processing Register (DVR) and represent you in formal proceedings before the Data Protection Commission.

Procurement Law

Public authorities have to comply as a matter of principle with Austrian or European Procurement Law before awarding contracts. Procurement Law is an extremely complex field of law that not only requires legal expertise but also experience in the practical processing of tender proceedings. Unwarranted problems can be avoided already in the preparation of calls for tenders to ensure that the project in question can proceed smoothly without entailing Procurement Law violations, such as grossly discriminatory terms, irrelevant suitability criteria, non-transparent suitability or selection criteria.

We provide comprehensive support during the preparation of the procurement process, during execution and follow-up as well as in any resulting proceedings.

Association Law

From a legal perspective, an association is an independent legal entity, which means that it can acquire rights and duties independent of its members. The relevant Associations Act (Vereinsgesetz) governs the mandatory internal organisational structure of an association, notification duties vis-à-vis the authorities and the responsibilities and liabilities of the bodies of the association (chairperson, board, treasurer).
We review existing statutes of associations in regard to compliance with statutory requirements, draft statutes for future associations, provide advice for the conduct of elections or votes in the association or in connection with the exclusion of members.

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